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Robert Szymczak

Pre-Expedition Medical Courses -  MedEverest

We conduct both on-line and direct trainings. We use the "click-meeting" platform for online courses. The courses are designed for those who start their high altitude mountain adventures as well as experienced mountaineers and organizers of high alititude trekkings or expeditions.

Courses are led by Robert Szymczak – medical doctor, specialized in emergency medicine , himalaist who was on the summit of  three eight thousand meter peaks (Everest, Nanga Parbat, Dhaulagiri). He was a climbing-doctor during Polish national winter expeditions to Nanga Parbat and Broad Peak. Robert is a lecturer of emergency medicine (Department of Emergency Medicine -  Medical University of Gdansk, Poland) as well as mountain and expedition medicine (Medical Center for Postgraduate Education - Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland). He works  in Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in Gdansk, Poland. 

We conduct the following courses:

(1) The principles of healthy travelling and climbing in high mountains - theoretical course  (3 hours)

- individual course: on-line or direct (Gdansk, Poland) 250€

- group course: (minimum 2 persons): on-line or direct (Gdansk, Poland) 125€/ per person

1. Dangers of the high mountains - "The Dirty Dozen"

2. Acclimatization - 4000m, 5000m and 6000m peaks

3. Acclimatization - 7000m and 8000m peaks

4. "Artificial" acclimatization – medicines, tents and chambers

5. High altitude illness - AMS, HACE, HAPE, deterioration

6. Hypothermia, frostbites, snow blindness

7. First aid kit: emergency personal kit, camp first aid kit

8. Oxygen, hyperbaric chamber, pulse-oximeter

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(2) Survival and first aid in high mountains – practical course (8 hours)

(intended for those who participated in the theoretical training: “The principles of healthy travelling and climbing in high mountains”

- individual course (direct in Gdansk, Poland) 500€

- group course (minimum 2 persons) (direct in Gdansk, Poland) 250€/ per person

1. Acclimatization - Preparing  schemes for selected summits

2. Handling oxygen cylinder, reducer and oxygen mask

3. Planning a climb with oxygen

4. First aid mountain kits (emergency, camp) - getting to know all components and its usage

5. Injection (dexamethasone) - how to prepare and perform an injection

6. Equipment for survival - survival bag, survival shelter, camelbak, plastic bottle, chemical and electric heaters, karrimat, power tape, rope

7. Wound dressing - improvisation of dressings

8. Immobilizations - shoulder dislocation, ankle sprain, hand fracture, leg fracture

9. Snow blindness - improvisation of glasses

10. Transport of the injured person - different methods. Preparation of improvised stretcher.

11. Resuscitation in mountain conditions

12. Simulation of a sick alpinist (AMS, HAPE, HACE, deterioration, hypothermia, trauma) - diagnose and treat them

If you want to take part in our pre-expedition medical courses please contact with us. We will choose the most suitable and financially optimal form of medical preparation and medical coverage for your expedition. 

If you want to participate in the course then send a confirmation of payment.

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