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Robert Szymczak

Mountain Medicine - MedEVEREST

Your safety in the high mountains depends on you !!!

Professional preparation for the hazards of  high mountains will save you many troubles, stressful situations and frustration during the expedition.

Unfortunately, in many high mountains you cannot count on rescue service. In many very high  mountains search and rescue teams do not exist at all. In the areas where rescue helicopters exist, the time to reach the victim takes days. In the highest mountains, survival depends on your decisions. Where the decision must be taken within minutes you have to count on yourself.

You need to be self-sufficient in situations that threaten your health and your life. 

Are you ready for this?

If not, then start medical preparation for the mountain expedition with MedEverest.

The goal of MedEverest is education of climbers and trekkers  in mountain medicine. The education and medical offer is addressed both to people beginning their adventure with high mountains and also to  climbers and organizers of high altitude expeditions and trekkings.

MedEverest prepares medical coverage of high altitude trekkings and expeditions. The medical coverage consists of  mountain medicine courses, medical consultations of climbers, preparing acclimatization plan, first aid mountain kits and the medical care during expeditions.

Please get acquainted with the Mountain Medicine, where you will find useful information about health aspects of high altitude sojourn.

Details about mountain medical consultations, on-line mountain medicine courses and first aid kits can be found on Mountain Offer.

Information about medical projects completed  by MedEverest you will find on About Us.

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